Ron and INTEG Solutions has been an integral part of culture and strategic development at several of my business enterprises. Recently the team at Cogent Solutions International Pty Ltd and formerly at Revelation Enterprizes Pty Ltd in both cases I have found Ron’s work both exemplary and innovative.

Though the interventions of INTEG we have developed a values driven culture and an expanded market. Integ Solutions now services Giants In The Making and we are grateful.

Thank you Ron Laurie and INTEG for these outstanding contributions, I highly recommend both Ron and INTEG for delivering systems that facilitate learning and grow as well as increasing optimism and expanding market potential.

Kind regards,

Author's imageFrederick KraseyGiants In The Making

Wow, what an experience, I am 20 years of age and it was so cool to be mixing with such amazing people of all races, creeds, religions and different points of view. To have youth and senors mix was such an awesome opportunity to learn from each other. I had the best time every. I certainly would come back.

Participant of the We R One simulation experience
Ron is leading the We R One Simulation Experience, offering a truly unique experience of world issues, trends and challenges. Ron is an excellent presenter and facilitated a global experience that was both inspiring and motivating to people who want to make the world a better place.

Peter MeisenPresident , Global Energy Network Institute
We entered the room at Deloitte Melbourne offices, to engage with a large Bucky Fuller World Projection Dymaxion Map on the floor. This enabled each of us to immerse ourselves in a view of planet Earth that was decidedly different and seemingly more interconnected than the traditional, distorted projections, to which we had been exposed. Ron’s skilful facilitation encouraged us to adopt an open-minded view that enabled us all to look at our world, our lives, our work and our futures in a different way.

Peter SpenceRBS
…Stimulating integration of Buckminster Fuller’s world game and Integral philosophy. Soon we were all ‘on the balcony’ in relation to the great challenges facing humanity and the planet at this time, and all having valuable insights about how these challenges could be met successfully.

John StewartAuthor of Evolution’s Arrow and The Evolutionary Manifesto